لماذا الخوف من الاسلام؟

Why the Fear of Islam?

Sheikh Saalih aal Taalib
April 6, 2012 ~ Jumadal Awwal 14, 1433

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First Khutbah
All praise to Allah. All praise to Allah. He made the religion of Islam the final religion and he completed it. And He made the one affiliated to being under His flag from the best of nations. All praise to Allah. We praise Him, seek help from Him and seek His forgiveness. And we ask Allah’s protection from the evil of ourselves and from the evil of our actions. Whoever Allah guides, there is no misguidance for him. And whoever Allah leads astray, then there is no guidance for him. And I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone. He has no partner. And no one can overturn His Rule. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger. May Allah’s salutations, peace and blessings be on him and on all of his family and companions.

Fear Allah – the Exalted – as He ought to be feared. And hold fast onto Islam with the firm tie. “O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared. And die not except in a state of Islam with complete submission to Allah.” [Aal Imraan; Verse 102].

Fear Allah and have hope in Him, and fear Him and fear Him as He ought to be feared. For the one who fears Allah is not the one who squeezes his eyes. Verily the one who fears (Allah) is the one who leaves his desires of the forbidden while he is able to do them. “But for him who fears the standing before his Lord, there will be two Gardens (i.e. Paradise).”  [ArRahmaan; Verse 46]

Servants of Allah: In the Hadeeth of the story of the pledge of Aqabah, when the prophet – peace be upon him – congregated secretly with the Ansaar to pledge help to him. Ka’b bin Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – narrated to us, he said: The first to grab the hand of the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – was al-Bara bin Ma’roor. Then the people followed him. After we pledged allegiance to the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – shaytaan shouted from a mountain of Aqabah in the most piercing voice I’ve heard: O people of “Jubajib”! – and Jubajib (means): houses – do you want a blameworthy person and the apostates with him who have gathered together to wage war on you?!
So the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: “This is the (devil) Azabb of Aqabah, the son of Athyab. Listen, enemy of Allah. By Allah, I shall deal with you….” [Hadeeth; Narrated by Imam Ahmad and others].

O people: This was the first call for the fearing of Islam. A satan from the satans of jinn started it. And in that rumour and story, he portrayed that this early birth of the existence of Islam is a gathering of war against people.

And throughout the span of the following generations, it continued (through) humans who inherited that call and propagated it, either ignorantly or neglectfully. And fear and intimidation of Islam still continues currently in international resolutions and international forums, due to the media.

And politicians and media personnel still insist on confirming the picture of Islam as it being an aggressive culture and that tolerance is the culture of the west. And if they looked justly and fairly they would see in the tenets of Islam and its principles, the best values and examples regarding justice and tolerance.

Verily, for this lie – i.e. the fear of Islam – there are negative effects for Muslims and other than them, because it destroys the bridge of trust and help, and it breaks the international relations and the establishment of interests between human beings, and it nourishes the root of enmity and terrorism, and it represents threats and dislike of equal rights, and discrimination on the basis of religion and racism, in addition to harassment and torture, and restrictions on personal freedom, as if it is a distortion of the truth which came from Allah.

Due to the lie of the fear of Islam, the matter has reached (the level of) incitement and stirring up religious grudges. Some have even trespassed in desecrating and degrading the holy Islamic sites, and violating the sacred religious (items), extending to the sacredness of the prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – or the profanation of the Noble Quran, and the issuing of laws against the portraying of the woman’s Hijaab or face veil, and the promotion of taunting drawings in newspapers and media hurting the Muslims and linking pictures of Muslims and their appearances with topics that speak of terrorism.

And belonging to Islam, whether an individual or a nation, still continues to be a reason for the failing of his affairs, and denying his rights and refusing his requests.

The fear of Islam is behind the oppression of Palestine and the strong defense of the cruel (one) for 60 years, and the justification of the continuous oppression and seeking to cheapen the blood of the Palestinians, and seizing their lands.

And the fear of Islam is behind the attitudes of suspicion and enmity in every effort of nations regarding their choice of the decision by which they wish to live. And you will be disappointed when you find many looking with great tolerance towards the pagan religions, but in the case of Islam, the reaction towards it is not usually rational, but it is (one of) overwhelming negative emotion.

And surely, the delay in assisting the distressed, and the hesitancy in saving the oppressed from those who are oppressing them is nothing except fear of establishing support for Islam. And there’s no doubt that the cultural heritage has an effect in the formation of this trend of others (being) against Islam. The biased media nourishes it, and (too) the unfair policies until the current secretary of the United Nations warned – justly – by saying: “Surely the surge of fear of Islam has progressed to a level of the resistance (against) racism for this religion.”  And his predecessor surely said something similar on the pulpit of the United Nations.

Verily it is upon the intellectuals of the world to stop with fairness and justice in front of this serious matter, which is useless except for increasing conflicts and disagreements. And verily, ignorance of Islam, its teachings and its ethics is the main reason for fearing it. And humans fear what they are ignorant of.

O people: Surely, when we acknowledge the above, we do not acknowledge it in the context of mobilization (of military) or projecting injury. But it is so that many of the world’s simple (people) and liberals may know the magnitude of their unawareness of the historical facts and the context of events, and many times many do not stop a wrong situation which is not in line with what they boast about regarding values and ethics which man has reached in the third millennium.

Why the fear of Islam?
Because Muslims were never ever responsible for igniting the two world wars, where 17 million people were killed in the first one; and in the second one, 50 million. (This), besides the injured and the enormous destruction of the environment and human abilities.

And the Muslims did not colonize the world, and they did not subject its nations to exhaust the good (produce/products) of that nation so that the colonizer may enjoy it. And Islam never carried out, in its long history, inquisition tribunals to force people to change their religion. But across the span of 15 centuries of the expanding rule of Islam, there still continued to be temples and churches undesecrated for religious people and people of faith. And those minorities still continue living with the Muslims on Islamic land until today.

And it is for you to look at the international cases today to see how narrow interests prevail over principles and values, and how the judgement is justified against people because they are Muslim, or (due to) fear for Muslims to obtain their human rights in their countries and not outside them!

Surely, it is an embarrassing situation that a nation is annihilated and the world refrains from carrying out its international and ethical responsibility, (just) because they are Muslims or Sunnah!

Are these values? Are these principles? Thereafter Islam is accused of racial discrimination. And this shakes the confidence of the world (regarding) the contemporary relations built on national interests, not on ethics, principles and laws when they are not consistent with interests.

And in the past 100 years, in which organizations that took care of human rights emerged, and (in which) resources and lands were held sacred, history has not recorded that (any) Muslim land invaded a non-Muslim land. While the opposite is true, with much pain, and in the view of the world. So much so, that a suspicion or just an accusation is enough to invade a Muslim land, and kill millions of its people, plunder its resources, destroy its potentials and violate its history and civilization. Then it becomes clear that the suspicion was not true, and the situation passes without apology or compensation.

The international media has surely succeeded in portraying the uprising of the slaughtered as being barbaric, so they have busied people in blaming the slaughtered, while forgetting the slaughterer!

Why the fear of Islam?
While it calls for people to have mercy among them. “O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife [Hawwa (Eve)], and from them both He created many men and women, and fear Allah through Whom you demand (your mutual rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you.” [Nisaa; Verse 1].

Islam surely cancelled the system of castes and racism in the society, while the age of banning castes and racism in the strongest and greatest western country has not reached 50 years. “O mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has Taqwa (piety).” [Hujuraat; Verse 13].

Why the fear of Islam?
While the first human rights that were laid down, were under its banner. Surely Islam is the most clear and explicit method in decreasing tyranny, coercion and despotism, not only from the political aspect, but because it considers these crimes (as) contradictory to the gem of this true religion, which is Tawheed (Oneness) of Allah – Glorified and Majestic – and in the Quraan, there is a complete way to decrease despotism and coercion and eradicating it.

Why the fear of Islam?
While it has surely preserved, even the rights of animals. They (animals) are not burdened more than they can bear, and they are not starved. A sheep and her child are not separated, and the young of a bird is not taken from its nest.

Why do people fear Islam? Do they fear that the joys of life, its beauty and adornment will be prohibited for them?

Never. For Islam emphasized the denouncement of those who forbid the adoration (with clothes) created by Allah for people. “Say (O Muhammad – peace be upon him) ‘Who has forbidden the adoration with clothes given by Allah, which He has produced for His slaves and the lawful things of food?” [A’raaf; Verse 32]. Verily Islam has ensured the right of life, its enjoyments and delights for everyone, so there should be no fear of Islam or anxiety.

Why the fear of Islam?
While it has surely leapt with civilization in a period of history, leaps of which others were on after it (period), and nations after it completed the journey.

Why is Islam portrayed as if it carries seeds of torture and intolerance, while tolerance and noble character is an original Islamic principle. In the Quraan, the mentioning of mercy, pity, pardoning, forgiving, covering up faults and patience comes more than 900 times, besides what was transmitted from the prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him. So does there exist a religion or culture that gives such concern in training on tolerance?!

Know that tolerance does not mean humiliation and disgrace, or subservience to oppression and submission to the oppressors. But it is a balance which the Quraan reflects on in its saying: “And those who, when an oppressive wrong is done to them, they take revenge. The recompense for an evil is an evil thereof, but whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah. Verily, He likes not the oppressors. And indeed whosoever takes revenge after he has suffered wrong, for such there is no way (of blame) against them. The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress men and wrongly rebel in the earth, for such there will be a painful torment. And verily, whosoever shows patience and forgives that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah.” [Shoora; Verses 39-43]

And tolerance means: Righteousness and meting bad with good, a matter that is required and desired, which does not result in helping oppression, or abandoning the oppressed or violating the principle that honour belongs to Allah, His messenger and the believers.

Surely, Islam came with good character, and with every detail of good behaviour towards humans and the environment, just as it came with harmony between the spiritual side and the material side.

Servants of Allah: Verily, the reality of the matter is that the fear of Islam is a product synthesized by nations intending to repel people from Islam, or idle talk about its facts, values, symbols and laws due to political and racial purposes and carnal desires. And if people and their affair were left, if they were left to their natural inclinations, their consciences and their independent intellects, if they were left without incitement and mobilizing against Islam, they would never have feared it (Islam).

Verily Islam is not the religion of Arabs alone, and its best is not reserved for the Muslims alone, but he is a mercy for all people. “And We have sent you (O Muhammad – peace be upon him) not but as a mercy for the worlds.” [Anbiyaa; Verse 107]

And it is compulsory for the Muslims to hold fast onto its principles and values, and to explain its facts to people by actions and words, and sincere calling, not pretending and posing.

And there is no fear of Islam, for Allah is the protector of His religion, but the fear is of those who are extremists or negligent or repel against it or turn away. “So hold you (O Muhammad – peace be upon him) fast to that which is inspired in you. Verily, you are on a Straight Path.” [Zukhruf; Verse 43].

May Allah bless me and you in the Great Quraan, and benefit us in what is contained in it of verses and wisdom. I say these words of mine and I ask Allah – the Exalted – to forgive me and you.

Second Khutbah:

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. The Beneficent, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgement. And I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone. He has no partner. The Clear Truth. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger, the truthful and trustworthy. May Allah’s salutations, peace and blessings be upon him, and on all his family and companions.

Thereafter, O you people: What was mentioned above was conscripted. And the satellite channels are raining over us pictures of killing and intimidation which are happening in our beloved Shaam (Levant) “Syria,” and its killer has assured the tackling of the nations – especially in the west and east of it – And the propagation of these images no longer upset him, but perhaps he considers it (to be) the propaganda to intimidate his nation. All that no longer upsets him, as long as the tyrant of Shaam warned (against) any of the Muslims succeeding him in ruling, and nations are content with this warning. Those who were deceived by him, of the nations of the earth, do not know that the Muslims – and the “Sunni” of them especially – will not only succeed him, but they were the predecessors of his party for generations.

And Shaam was more honourable, pleasant, secure and finer when it was under Muslim rule, and it did not know of misfortunes until the tyranny appeared.

And verily the hope in Allah is great. And when the aid from the earth is cut off, the doors of the heaven are opened. And surely every action, political or ideological (that) removes that darkness is praised and thanked. And from it is what this land is doing. For it has surely raised its voice in every national and international conference that promised to look into the matter of the oppression. It has called seriously for the removal of oppression and firmly (against) taking the hand of the oppressor, and (to) hope when looking at the consequences, and peace from fear.

Perhaps Allah will make successful the true efforts and will make beneficial the sincere strivings and remove the veils from the eyes and change the days (so as to be) against every arrogant tyrant. “And We wished to do a favour to those who were weak (and oppressed) in the land and to make them rulers and to make them inheritors.” [Qasas; Verse 5]

This, and send salutations, peace and blessings on the chosen prophet and selected messenger.

O Allah send salutations, peace and blessings on your servant and messenger Muhammad and on his pure, good family, and his companions, the fortunate personalities.

O Allah be pleased with the guided leaders, and rightly-guided successors: Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthmaan and ‘Ali and with all the rest of the companions of your prophet and those who tread on their method and follow their way, O Lord of the worlds.

O Allah grant honour to Islam and the Muslims…


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  3. allahu akbar..the shaykh has truly done justice to the topic
    may allah safeguard our scholars and guide the ummah toward sincere right path

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